Friday, February 24, 2012

Trashy Trash Hauler Santa Rosa, Sonoma County

Well today was a little hard to digest..... Our competition and ex-partner Nathan Murch put some lies in his you tube tags for a video that starred me. I guess she was pretty bitter that I used a video (where I did ALL the work by myself while he video taped) for my website. He makes accusations of us using drugs, probably because of the name. Its a little discouraging to have your name slandered like that but hopefully the public is smart enough to see right through this guy. Another one of his ex-partners and I were talking and since he has all his websites at number 1 every call that comes in he low balls and flakes on the customer just so we don’t get the job. Its a pretty pathetic tactic but it does not surprise me at all, especially from Nate, and another thing.....Uhhhh YOUR RUINING YOUR OWN NAME BY DOING THAT GENIUS!!!  Just a tip Nate your only building my spirit by doing your little tactics, you can never break me only make me stronger and more determined to “beat you”  no matter how many websites you crank out, none of them will be as quality as mine will become. So good luck to you, dude.  And to the customers that were flaked on we would more than appreciate your business.