Monday, April 16, 2012

Hoarding is not a crime

Hoarding can be a problem for many people. Over the last couple years that I have been hauling, I have looked into the mind of those who have hoarded items around the house until it became unmanageable. This is where the Junk-A-Haulics shine the brightest.  Using small talk to pick information about hoarding from our customers, I have noticed there are many different  reasons people decide to hang on to items in excess. From the outside looking in it may seem that hoarders just keep junk piled up here and there aimlessly, but a more in depth experience with a "hoarder" when its time to clean house will show you that each piece of junk holds its own unique purpose in this world.  The most common reason for hoarding junk I found, is usefulness of the item. This means that the person feels the item stored could be used for something in the future and instead of making the executive decision of tossing it and buying one later, they go the economic route and save it until needed. Which may or may not happen but every time the piece of junk is seen by the hoarder that's what pops into their head. The second most common reason is sentimental  value, meaning the junk item was given to them by someone they cherish or want that person to cross their mind when ever the item is seen.  The final reason I will share is the one that strikes me the most.  It is when a person feels that the junk item is too nice to just, take it to the dump, hoarders often feel like it would be a shame to just throw it away and unfortunately I too have become a hoarder. There is no reason to have three storage units full of junk if you think about it logically.  Or even fill your garage, work truck, friends house, or any other kind of space you run across with junk but I just can't bring myself to throw away a 47" LCD T.V.
or a beautiful plush leather reclining couch in perfect condition 
or a Ethan Allen princess bed with canopy
or a denon turntable
or the a collection of playboys from the 60s including Marilyn Monroe's issue. I mean Hugh Hefner probably worked pretty hard on the first issue ever made

so you can look at me like I'm a weirdo, a scatterbrain, a trash collector but I gotta go with the hoarders on this one, they got the right idea.